Jun 23, 2016
Why We Have Developed a Medical Gas Switchover Board with Integrated Digital Display
The answer to why we developed e-Alpi Switch, the industry’s first automatic medical gas supply switchover board with an integrated digital display, is simple: to make it easier for hospital staff to deliver optimal medical gas therapy.
Why We Have Developed a Medical Gas Switchover Board with Integrated Digital Display

To ensure uninterrupted delivery of oxygen or other medical gases, hospitals and clinics install traditional switchover boards to deliver a smooth transition from one cylinder to another as the gas is depleted. However, personnel historically have had no easy and accurate way to track the level of gas in operation or reserve.

Now, we’ve developed the new e-Alpi Switch, a next-generation switchover board that digitally tracks the level of gas. So there’s no guesswork. Maintenance teams and hospital personnel know exactly how much time remains before the gas is depleted. They have everything they need to know about their medical gas supply system at their fingertips – cylinder pressure, line pressure, source status (in reserve or in operation) and a low gas level alert. It also comes with a failure prevention and alarm system.

Not only does this increase patient safety, but e-Alpi Switch enables optimized gas consumption and use.

e-Alpi Switch features a compact, all-in-one design and is suitable for oxygen and all other medical gases. It’s an excellent example of how, at Rotarex Meditec, we continually look for ways to innovate to improve patient care and hospital/clinic productivity. It now stands alongside our comprehensive line-up of medical gas control equipment.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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