Better performance for inert gas discharge
Jan 12, 2021
The better a fire suppression system performs, the better fire protection you’ll achieve. This drives Rotarex Firetec to work tirelessly to develop innovative technologies that improve performance.
Better performance for inert gas discharge

By applying proven pressure regulation technology from our laboratory division, we developed pressure regulators for 200bar/300bar inert gas applications that modulate the discharge pressure to a constant 40 to 60 bar. At the same time, our new technologies save time and effort. Modulating pressure enables low pressure manifolds and pipework to be used that are easier to install. Plus, it reduces the difficulty and cost of locating fitting pressure vents in the protected space. Maintenance is also easier. After a system discharge, the regulator is simply removed as the system is recharged, and then reconnected. No reconditioning is necessary. It’s even possible to conduct functional tests while the system is armed. To learn more about our innovative fire protection pressure regulator technology for inert gas, please contact a Rotarex Firetec sales representative near you.


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