Nov 03, 2016

New Rotarex Firetec DIMES System for Inert Gas Ensures Fire Protection System Readiness

Traditional inert gas pressure regulators use cylinder pressure to calculate cylinder contents. However, temperature fluctuations influence gas cylinder pressure readings – causing inaccurate measurement and leading to possible fire safety system failure.
New Rotarex Firetec DIMES System for Inert Gas Ensures Fire Protection System Readiness

The new digital DIMES System for Inert Gas solves this problem and ensures system readiness 24/7/365. 

Lintgen, Luxembourg 4 November 2016 – – Rotarex Firetec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, introduced its new DIMES System for Inert Gas to ensure fixed installation fire system readiness 24/7/365. This digital IG cylinder contents measuring system is the first to be able to adjust for temperature variations on pressure to deliver a precise real gas reading.

Dr. Thomas Andreas, Head of Firetec R&D, commented: “Accurate monitoring of cylinder contents is important since leaks can happen, especially in in applications subject to vibration or motion.”

If the volume of gas in the cylinders drops lower than the design concentration level needed to extinguish a fire, the fire protection system can fail. Research shows that traditional pressure gauges often give inaccurate readings because they fail to take into account the effect of temperature on the pressure reading. Consequently, this can lead to inaccurate readings or false alarms.

Dr. Andreas elaborated, “Take, for example, a wind turbine that is protected by an IG system with an alarm threshold set at 270 bar. On a very hot day it can be more than 45º C inside the turbine. So if there is a leak in an IG cylinder, the pressure may not fall below 270 bar – yet there is not enough gas remaining to extinguish a fire. Conversely, on a very cold day, let’s say the inside temperature falls below 5º C, the pressure drops below 270 bar even though the cylinders are full and not leaking. This will trigger a false alarm.”

The new DIMES System for inert gas solves this problem. Using advanced sensor technology and algorithms, DIMES measures both pressure and temperature, then calculates the real gas cylinder contents at ambient temperature with 99.9% accuracy. The percent gas fill level is clearly shown on a digital display on each cylinder. Plus, to enable remote monitoring, a software interface is available.

DIMES is designed for use with cylinder pressure from 0 to 400 bar. The algorithm is configured for the 4 main types of inert gases used in fire suppression: Nitrogen (IG01), Argon (IG 100), IG 55 and IG 541.

DIMES is manufactured with the same robust traceability protocols as medical devices. In addition, traceability data relative to each cylinder such as date of service, maintenance schedules and more is built into the software.

Dr. Andreas concluded, “This DIMES inert gas fire protection system leverages technology from our DIMES CO2 system, which has been in service for many years. So engineers, installers and property owners can have more confidence that their IG fire protection system will be ready at all times, 24/7/365.”

The Rotarex Firetec DIMES System for Inert Gas is now available through Rotarex sales centers and distributors worldwide.

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