Nov 28, 2016

Rotarex Meditec Introduces Alpi-Connect Medical Gas Terminal Units With Revolutionary Cartridge Technology

ALPI-CONNECT is an innovative terminal unit for medical gas pipeline systems in hospitals and clinics that incorporates revolutionary cartridge technology. This significantly reduces maintenance time and effort.
Rotarex Meditec Introduces Alpi-Connect Medical Gas Terminal Units With Revolutionary Cartridge Technology

Lintgen, Luxembourg 28 November, 2016 – Rotarex Meditec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, announced today the introduction of ALPICONNECT — an innovative terminal unit used for medical gas systems in hospitals and clinics. This terminal unit enables Rotarex Meditec to offer a truly complete range of equipment used to control medical gas distribution from source to patient.

The standout feature of this new medical gas terminal unit system is its cartridge technology. Ms. Sandra Monteverdi, ALPI-CONNECT Marketing Specialist, commented: “Its front cartridge design means maintenance routines are a lot easier. Unlike regular terminal units, there’s no need to dismantle an installation for maintenance as the cartridge can simply be replaced. This saves time and effort, and allows patient rooms to be back in service faster.”

ALPICONNECT enables connection and disconnection with external medical devices that supply medical gas directly or indirectly to a patient, such as a flowmeter, respiratory ventilator or vacuum regulator. Made with a bi-bloc design, it has an independent socket and base block. ALPICONNECT’s universal base block design is compatible with all national sockets and is available with multiple configurations.

Ms. Monteverdi continued, “At Rotarex Meditec, safety is our top priority. That’s why the new ALPICONNECT is designed to increase patient safety. For example, we’ve made sure that oxygen compatibility is assured by making it free of aluminum, stainless steel and other potential contaminants. And, it includes restrictive, gas specific sub-assemblies and components for risk management — plus color coding reduces the chance of human error. As with all our Rotarex Meditec products, ALPICONNECT is built with the highest quality and is certified compliant with national and international standards.”

Engineered for high performance, ALPICONNECT ensures continuous gas flow and achieves better protection from contamination, thanks to an integrated, large surface filter. As well, its external material is resistant to the aggressive cleaning agents found in hospital environments.

Ease-of-use is also an important safety factor, and ALPICONNECT is ergonomically designed for easier handling. Connection and disconnection is effortless and seamless. ALPICONNECT also comes with accessories for all possible configurations, allowing flexible placement in locations such as main bed head units, ceiling pendants, walls or panels. With its modern, comfortable appearance, it blends easily with the décor of today’s hospital rooms.

Rotarex Meditec is present globally, making ALPICONNECT available for customers worldwide. Visit the company website for more information.

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