Sep 30, 2014

FireDETEC Kitchen Systems Receive the Important LPCB Certificate

Lintgen, Luxembourg — 30 September 2014 — FireDETEC®, part of the Firetec unit of Rotarex, SA, announced that its FireDETEC Fire Suppression System for commercial kitchens has received LPCB Certification by meeting the rigorous loss prevention standards established by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).
FireDETEC Kitchen Systems Receive the Important LPCB Certificate

The LPCB is the leading international Certification Body in the field of fire protection, with governments and regulatory authorities around the world recognizing LPCB approval.

The LPCB approval process involves assessment and testing of products to ensure they meet quality standards set by a team of experts. Approval of products is based on testing undertaken at LPCB’s world-renowned laboratories. Once LPCB standards are satisfied, a certificate of approval is issued and the product is listed in the ‘Red Book’ that is available free of charge to installers and users throughout the world.

FireDETEC commercial kitchen systems satisfied or surpassed all the requirements set forth in the Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1223. This standard establishes the requirements and test procedures for LPCB approval of fixed fire extinguishing systems that protect kitchen equipment such as deep fat fryers, other cooking appliances and extraction systems. FireDETEC systems are now listed in the LPCB Red Book.

“Receiving LPCB approval,” commented Hugues Rossion, “shows that FireDETEC effectively and reliably suppresses kitchen fires where they start, in all cooking appliances and the extraction hood — before a fire can do serious damage.”

Key requirements of the LPS 1223 standard include automatic system actuation and reliable suppression under severe conditions. Mr. Rossion went on to say, “FireDETEC’s patented technology uses pneumatic sensor tubing that is highly effective and easy to install in the extraction hood and ductwork above cooking areas. As required for LPCB approval, it operates reliably under extremely high heat situations, such as when there is a fire in a deep fat fryer.” FireDETEC kitchen systems are economical and flexible, and are a cost-effective option for medium and small commercial kitchens.

The LPS 1223 standard was developed with the participation of many organizations, including insurance companies, associations specializing in fire protection, fire fighting and police groups, installers, scientists, risk analysts and health and safety experts. Mr. Rossion elaborated, “LPCB approval also takes into account the quality of the manufacturer, and it conducts regular audits to ensure the product continues to meet the approval criteria.”

The benefits of installing LPCB approved FireDETEC Kitchen Systems apply to manufacturers, end users, insurers, clients, specifiers, contractors and regulators. These benefits include:

  • Risk reduction
  • Avoidance of costly mistakes
  • Time-correct application
  • Traceability of product
  • Added value of a product or service
  • Reduced liability

LPCB approval is the latest in a large portfolio of certifications held by FireDETEC and its parent company, Rotarex, that include UL, FM and SP approval.

About FireDETEC
FireDETEC compact fire suppression systems designed specifically for critical equipment and machinery at high risk for fire. It protects the spaces left under-protected by traditional fire fighting systems. Flexible fire sensor tubing using pneumatic technology is installed between the critical circuitry and mechanics, closer to where fire starts. Quickly detecting a young fire and triggering immediate release of an extinguishing agent, FireDETEC systems suppress a fire before it can do significant damage. FireDETEC technology is operating in over 60,000 installations worldwide.

About LPCB
LPCB is a third party approval or certification body that carries out a conformity assessment process independent of both suppliers and consumers. It provides confirmation that products and services continue to meet the requirements of specified standards. LPCB standards incorporate national, European and international standards. Product approval includes product testing, approval of the manufacturer’s quality management system to ISO 9001 and assessment of the manufacturer’s factory production control system. LPCB joined BRE Certification (now BRE Global Ltd) on 31 March 2000.

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