Mar 13, 2017
Rotarex SRG to Show First-of-a-Kind Electronic Level Gauge at Gas Show 2017
Lintgen, Luxembourg 13 March, 2017 – - Rotarex, SA announced today that its Rotarex SRG business unit, an industry leading manufacturer of premium LPG valves, LPG regulators, and LPG gas tank equipment, will exhibit at Gas Show 2017 in booth # 15.
Rotarex SRG to Show First-of-a-Kind Electronic Level Gauge at Gas Show 2017

Featured is the industry’s first electronic level gauge (ELG) that is a solid state, capacitive level probe for LPG cars, trucks and forklifts. By moving from a mechanical to an electronic gauge, this ELG eliminates the need to translate the signal from analog to digital. This improves accuracy and gives a faster readout.

Martin Haubrich, Rotarex SRG product manager, commented: “The new ELG delivers a digital output signal without the additional conversion products that are currently in use. At the same time, since it’s fully electronic, there are no moving parts to generate an electric signal – making the ELG very durable and long-lasting.”

Booth visitors from the camping industry will find a next-generation LPG multivalve that improves safety and performance while reducing weight by combining 5 individual valves into one. Mr. Haubrich continued: “Approved for automotive gas stations, this self-fill product includes an 80% fill-stop valve, real level indication, pressure release valve, fast fill port and a service connection. It’s easier to use and due to its lighter weight, handling and storage is more convenient.”

Since the Rotarex Group recently merged its LPG Automotive activities into Rotarex SRG, Gas Show attendees will see a full range of products for LPG-powered forklifts, RVs, trucks and cars. On display will be multivalves, tank valves, safety valves, solenoid valves and more. Plus, Rotarex SRG will show its innovative MLD low propane fuel gauge for LPG forklifts.

Also on display will be Rotarex SRG’s classic line of LPG cylinder valves and LPG pressure regulators for portable cylinders, plus equipment for LP gas tanks and the industry’s most comprehensive range of fill-stop valves.

Gas Show 2017 takes place in Warsaw, Poland, April 7-8. The Rotarex SRG Booth number is 15.

About Rotarex SRG
Founded in 1934, the company Schultz Rackow Gastechnik was acquired by Rotarex, SA, in 2000. Now known as Rotarex SRG, it is a world leader in premium quality LPG valves and regulators. Over decades of service to the LPG industry, SRG has gained a deep level of expertise that enables it to respond quickly to customer requests for innovative solutions that solve operational challenges.

About Rotarex
Rotarex designs and manufactures a wide range of very high quality gas control products that deliver peak performance, giving sellers, users or installers of gas equipment confidence that their projects will achieve better success. Developing industry-leading innovation expertise during its 90-year history, the company counts over 100 patents in its portfolio. With ISO certified manufacturing standards and unmatched source through production quality control, Rotarex products perform better, require less maintenance and have a longer life. Rotarex offers the widest range of control products and systems for all major gas applications.

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Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt

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