Mar 29, 2017
Rotarex Meditec Introduces Compact and Ultra-Precise Medical Gas Regulator
Lintgen, Luxembourg 29 March, 2017 – Rotarex Meditec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, introduced the MINIOX medical gas pressure regulator.
Rotarex Meditec Introduces Compact and Ultra-Precise Medical Gas Regulator

For use in hospital and homecare respiratory therapy, it reduces the high gas pressure in a cylinder to a lower pressure and flow that is appropriate for medical oxygen therapy.

Through innovative engineering and a smart choice of materials, MINIOX is very compact and lightweight. Convenient to use, with an intuitive, ergonomic design, MINIOX now makes it easier for caregivers to administer safe and accurate respiratory therapy.

Putting safety first, Rotarex Meditec manufactures MINIOX with premium quality materials that conform to or exceed the requirements of the ISO 15001 standard. Free of fluorinated polymers, it is fitted with a safety relief valve so that, in case of over pressure, there is no high-pressure exposure.

To ensure precise gas flow, MINIOX delivers better outlet pressure and flow stability. Charles Strobel, Rotarex Global Marketing Manager, noted: “Precise flow and improved stability help to improve gas consumption management. In addition, MINIOX is built to provide a long lifetime of service with little required maintenance.”

MINIOX improves productivity by making it easy for users to configure their own medical regulator. Mr. Strobel elaborated: “Starting with the MINIOX regulator base, users can add the outlet connection that fits their technical needs. They can select single or dual quick connectors, several column flow meter versions or choose from other possibilities that correspond to specific standards. And for inlet connections, there are again many choices according to standards.”

Rotarex Meditec offers a comprehensive line-up of medical gas control equipment and systems. Visit the company website for detailed product information.

About Rotarex Meditec
Rotarex Meditec provides medical gas safety, control and productivity for confident patient outcomes. It offers one of the industry’s most complete ranges of medical gas control equipment and is the world’s reference for medical gas valves. Experience, dedication to quality and technical excellence enable gas companies and hospital gas system installers to be confident that their projects will achieve the highest level of safety and performance. Present in over 65 countries with factories and sales offices in key locations around the world, Rotarex Meditec customers receive the products and services they need wherever they are.

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Paul Delecourt

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