Apr 09, 2015

New 12-Liter Cylinder Available for the FireDETEC Vehicle Fire Suppression System

Lintgen, Luxembourg — 9 April, 2015 — FireDETEC®, part of the Firetec Unit of Rotarex, SA, announced that a new 12 liter cylinder is now available for its Vehicle Fire Suppression System.
New 12-Liter Cylinder Available for the FireDETEC Vehicle Fire Suppression System

With this 12-liter cylinder, FireDETEC has made it even easier for manufacturers and vehicle operators to protect engines of all sizes. The system now offers a 7-liter cylinder to protect small and medium size engines while the 12-liter cylinder is designed for large engines.

The FireDETEC fire protection system is one of the industry’s most cost-effective and efficient ways to quickly detect and suppress fires in commercial vehicles.

The benefits of the 12-liter cylinder include improved space efficiency, easier installation and reduced cost. The 12-liter cylinder has also been approved by the prestigious SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. This certifies that the cylinder has been proven effective in the harshest of conditions. The FireDETEC Vehicle Engine System for buses was the first to receive SP approval.

These new cylinders are built with many advantages that have lead many leading companies to install the FireDETEC automatic fire suppression system for vehicle engines:

  • The pressurized compartment is in an inner chamber
  • The cylinder is more impact resistant since it is extremely difficult for the system to be pressurized in a collision
  • A piston in combination with a built-in pressure regulator ensures it achieves a constant discharge pressure
  • The cylinder delivers prolonged action that helps prevent re-ignition
  • The cylinder can be conveniently mounted either vertically or horizontally

Although there is more suppression agent to discharge, the FireDETEC vehicle engine system works extremely fast. This enables it to suppress a fire before it endangers passengers or causes serious damage.

Flexible sensor tubing, connected directly to the cylinder, conforms to any engine configuration. Fire is detected quickly and an alarm alerts the driver. This new 12-liter cylinder from FireDETEC enables the protection of large vehicles from fire more economically and effectively than ever before.

About FireDETEC
FireDETEC compact fire suppression systems designed specifically for critical equipment and machinery at high risk for fire. It protects the spaces left under-protected by traditional fire fighting systems. Flexible fire sensor tubing using pneumatic technology is installed between the critical circuitry and mechanics, closer to where fire starts. Quickly detecting a young fire and triggering immediate release of an extinguishing agent, FireDETEC systems suppress a fire before it can do significant damage. FireDETEC technology is operating in over 60,000 installations worldwide.

About Rotarex
Rotarex designs and manufactures a wide range of very high quality gas control products that deliver peak performance, giving sellers, users or installers of gas equipment confidence that their projects will achieve better success. Developing industry-leading innovation expertise during its 90-year history, the company counts over 100 patents in its portfolio. With ISO certified manufacturing standards and unmatched source through production quality control, Rotarex products perform better, require less maintenance and have a longer life. Rotarex offers the widest range of control products and systems for all major gas applications.

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