Rotarex S.A. and its Companies (Rotarex Group) seek to ensure and demonstrate compliance with applicable provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.;GDPR) and the National Data Protection Law of Luxembourg – 1st August 2018 (effective date 20th August 2018) for any processing of personal data carried out in connection with the Rotarex SRG DIMES application; and thereby minimize legal liability, regulatory risk and brand and reputational exposure of potential infringements. Moreover, this policy facilitates business integration and consolidation by ensuring that privacy practices across the Rotarex Group is consistent, aligned and designed to meet the business objectives.


For what purpose are your data processed?

Your personal data are collected on the basis of contractual obligation for the service offered by the application and consent for the purpose of reuse of data for service improvement.

The Rotarex SRG DIMES application will send the content information (along with the user data) to our cloud server and information will be shared with a GAS DISTRIBUTOR taking care of the on-time delivery of a gas refill to the customer.

In the case of further processing for a purpose other than those listed above, ROTAREX S.A. agrees to provide you with prior information about this other purpose.

Rotarex Group is entrusted with the processing personal data of customers, business partners, vendors and employees and must continue to foster the trust and confidence in the way their personal data is handled and products and services are provided to them. This Privacy Policy is a statement, which explains how Rotarex Group handles and process the customers`, clients`, suppliers` and any business and/or contractual partners` (i.e. data subjects) information with, which are gathered in its operation. Privacy Policy fulfils all the legal requirements to protect the data subjects` privacy.This Privacy Policy will be reviewed on a periodic basis. Any changes to this policy shall be approved by the Rotarex Group Executive Committee.


Who is your data transmitted to?

To achieve the purposes mentioned above, the data is transmitted to the Rotarex Group and to our/your gas distributor partners.


How does Rotarex S.A. collect your data?

These data is collected in two different ways:

Information is collected by the phone and synchonized on our servers. By data we mean: 

  • Email address + password (account)
  • Location of the cylinder/ owner (Coordinates or full address)
  • Address (Street, Postal code, etc.) -> This is not the address of the user but the address of the tank which can be kilometers from user’s home
  • Gas consumption to convert it into a graph
  • It is connected to the cylinder via Bluetooth
  • Tank capacity, Tank serial number, a picture of the tank,
  • Manufacturer
  • Gas supplier
  • Information collected by the reseller of our products

Data retention period

If your account has been inactive for at least 2 years, all data associated with the account will be deleted. After this time, all copies of these data are destroyed or, if it is impossible to destroy them, they are anonymized. In case the treatment is based on your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time and the treatment will stop immediately.


Your rights regarding your data

You have several rights to your data: the rights of access, to rectification, to erasure, to restriction of processing, to object to processing and to data portability. For more information or if you wish to exercise these rights, please contact the data protection officer at the email address Your request will be processed within 1 month and after verification of your identity. The request will be granted within the limits provided for by law, and in particular articles 15 to 23 of the RGPD.

You can file a complaint with the National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD) if you feel that your rights are not respected.


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