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Ultra-High Integrity Services Connections, DISS, are used for connecting items of gas handling equipment (such as pressure regulators or pigtails) directly to the cylinder valve outlet of a semiconductor/high-purity gas cylinder. The 30 Series corresponds to the cylinder valves gaskets. Available in two materials : nickel and PCTFE.
Key advantages
  • 100% visual inspection of critical surfaces
  • Electropolished internally
  • Ultimate decontamination and packaged in certified clean room
  • Permanently marked
  • Manufactured according to CGA V-1 standards
  • Fits all local norms and standards
  • Non-rotating design provides leak tight makeup
Gasket Material CGA/DISS Number
Nickel PCTFE
S PC 632, 634, 636,
638, 640, 642
S PC 712, 714, 716,
718, 720, 722,
724, 726, 728
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    UHP Cylinder connectors
    Last update: Jan 25, 2023
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