Oct 04, 2023
Get to know the Product Management team at Rotarex
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We are pleased to highlight the job of our Product Management team and its daily work by sharing some information and pictures with you. This interview was conducted with the Product Managers of different business units: Florent Roby, Head of Product Management Ceodeux & Equipment and Ramirez Cedres Adrian, Head of Product Management Firetec. Find out what a Product Manager does at Rotarex!
Get to know the Product Management team at Rotarex

Who is a Product Manager? What is he responsible for in general?

The Product Manager is the person who aligns business needs with operational resources. He is responsible for overseeing the development, the homologation phase, and the most crucial parameter, the product-market fit. The role of a PM is to act as an effective bridge between customer expectations, business objectives — since the product must be profitable — and the innovation team, ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page and moving in a common direction.

What is special in the work of a Product Manager at Rotarex?

At Rotarex, we have two primary Product Management teams: one handles the Ceodeux business units’ projects, covering UHP, Medical, Industrial applications, and many others. Additionally, we have a rapidly growing team focused on fire suppression systems development. The core responsibilities remain traditional. However, there are specific nuances. First, Rotarex is an industrial company, and our product lifecycle
is distinct. Unlike smartphones that update every two to three years, our products, such as high-pressure cylinder valves, are designed with lifespans like 15 years in mind. Second, Rotarex has a significant international presence. Within one team, you might find representatives from various global regions. This requires the PM to be adaptable and comfortable in a multicultural environment. Furthermore, being a technology-driven company, Rotarex’s PMs need a robust engineering foundation to translate market needs into clear directives for the R&D team.

What is the perfect profile of a Product Manager?

The ideal profile encompasses a wide range of skills. A PM should possess a technical background and education. While prior experience in the relevant field is an advantage, a fast-learning attitude can also be
an asset. The team is always on hand to provide guidance and support. An entrepreneurial mindset and leadership abilities are crucial for a PM. They should be able to lead a concept to fruition, be prepared to
shoulder responsibilities, work independently, and be a collaborative team player. Effective communication skills are essential. Given the diversity of subjects and stakeholders they deal with, a PM must ensure their messages are clearly understood. Curiosity and staying updated with market trends are equally important, allowing them to craft visionary product strategies. Rotarex is willing to hire more women as PMs in the future to reinforce the teams with the different soft skills and leadership style.

Which superpower can a Product Manager have?

A remarkable ability is to anticipate events while managing multiple diverse tasks in a single day, seamlessly transitioning from one subject to another.

How many projects can a Product Manager lead simultaneously at Rotarex?

Each specialist across teams typically handles 4-5 major projects that hold significant importance for the company, not to mention all the other related tasks.

How does your typical day look like?

Each day can vary widely. PMs schedule tasks based on priorities derived from sales figures and business requests. Maintaining constant communication with clients and front offices is crucial to ensure swift
and efficient responses.

What do you like the most in your job?

Florent: I have the opportunity to collaborate on new projects with several teams. The most interesting aspect is launching new product lines, keeping in mind the important notions of product-market fit &
time to market. When sales become successful, it confirms that the collaboration was fruitful.

Adrian: I would say that I enjoy working with my team. Every day I am dealing with the high-level experts, ambitious leaders, who are always ready to help my colleagues while delivering the best outcome.

What advice would you give to future colleagues joining your team?

Florent: An operating system requires people to function, even with Chat GPT. The system works well when all the gears fit seamlessly together. Therefore, understanding the environment, active listening,
and ensuring efficient communication are essential to making things happen and achieving sustainable success.

Adrian: Be prepared to become a leader; it should be already in your nature. It will not always be easy; not everybody will agree with you. But you need to show the way where everybody will succeed. It requires
time and effort, a lot of consistency. You have to be resilient. Be an ever-learner. People who keep learning stand out as professionals and evolve much faster.

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