Jan 20, 2022
Interview with Alberto Bossini, General Director Rotarex Italia
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Interview with Alberto Bossini, General Director Rotarex Italia

How long have you been working for Rotarex? Can you say a few more words about your career path?

I started working for Rotarex in September 1998. At that time, I used the first digital tools to develop sales in Italy, the early web helped me being more efficient at searching for potential customers and market information. Once the first contacts were established and the first direct orders came out, I was making sure the valves were delivered quickly to gain a good reputation on the Italian market. 


Since when is Rotarex doing business in Italy? When was Rotarex Italia established?

Before I joined the company Rotarex, named Ceodeux back in the days, was occasionally delivering cylinder valves in Italy through the main gas companies but did not have a local sales office. Rotarex Italia was established in 1998. In the beginnings, the entity had a focus on LPG, industrial and UHP cylinder valves. Rotarex has built its reputation over the years in Italy thanks to its seriousness and the quality of its products.


Is Rotarex Italia active in all gas applications?

Yes, nowadays Rotarex Italia sells all the products from Rotarex range from cylinder valves, through pressure regulators, until complete gas supply systems. We are active in all gas markets: medical, fire suppression, industrial, laboratories, LPG etc. We offer standard products as well as tailor made solutions. We assist our clients from the conception until the after-sale. 


What are the specificities of the Italian market?

The peculiarity of the Italian market is the presence of many small companies. Multiple firms are only traders and make up products with accessories from different origins. This is driving the prices lower.


What is the fastest-growing market segment in Italy? 

The segment that has experienced the greatest growth is the medical sector. The increase of elderly people and the changes in the Italian healthcare system are some of the reasons that have contributed to this change. Industrial gas applications are stable. Fire protection is another market with constant growth as fire safety in some environments is required by regulations.


In your opinion, what are Rotarex products strengths on the market?

Our strengths are the quality and the diversity of the products we offer. We have products that allow the control of gas from the source to the point of use. We are also developing digital technologies bringing a higher level of service to our customers. Embedded electronic components help measuring or calculate levels for liquids or liquefied gases; pressures and flows for compressed gases; as well as temperatures for all forms of gases.


How are you coping with the current pandemic situation?

Italy is facing the pandemic with similar measures as the rest of Europe. The current situation changed the needs of our organization. Our team uses the latest communication technologies. Most customers cannot receive us in their premises, so we maintain contact through video calls.

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