May 10, 2021
Industrial gas applications: Switching to the next-generation RPV
Lintgen, Luxembourg 10 May 2021 ——Rotarex SA is proud to introduce the next-generation of Residual Pressure Valves (RPV). With higher flow capacity, worldwide compatibility, and compact design, Rotarex redefines what RPV can be.

Undoubtedly, Residual Pressure Valves (RPVs) play an important role in industrial gas applications, and mostly in the beverage and welding industries. 

Designed to maintain positive pressure relative to the atmosphere within a cylinder, RPVs prevent the cylinder from getting fully empty in order to reduce internal ingress of atmospheric contamination. Cylinders with RPVs show dramatically lower levels of corrosion than those with standard valves. It leads to extending cylinders’ lifetime up to 15 years.

With the all-new Residual Pressure Valve from Rotarex, maximizing the value and utility of RPVs has never been so easy.  

Increased Flow for Faster Filling Cycles 

The new RPV achieves better performances with a higher Cv value reaching up to 0,7. It allows faster filling cycles than traditional RPV solutions, especially when it comes to liquid gases. Bigger strokes from the Residual Pressure Device (RPD) piston, with displacement up to 7,5 mm, means that unlike other RPVs, the new RPV ensures residual pressure in the cylinder with the possibility of larger openings for faster filling—and the ability to process more cylinders in less time. As an example, it takes only 20 seconds to fill a cylinder with 10kg carbon dioxide.

Broad Compatibility Means Effortless Adoption 

The next-generation RPV is compatible with any existing RPV connections and any filling station pin length, all pressure requirements, as well as all automatic filling stations. It enables a good use of the increased flow capacity (Cv value up to 0,7) to accelerate the filling process. The RPV new generation is not only available and certified for Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Inert & mixtures, Oxygen (O2), Flammable & Mixtures, but also for CNG, Butane and Methane applications. Rotarex makes it easy for you to adopt the new RPV by handling the process from A to Z. Rotarex sales team provides an effective technical support to get the most out of your RPV.

Innovative Design Boosts Ease & Safety 

The innovative and robust design is framed by the EN ISO 10297-2014 for the shut-off mechanism and the EN ISO 15996-2017 for the RPV function. The cycling test for the shut-off mechanism has been pushed twice the standard, up to 4000 cycles successfully. As well as, the test for the RPV function with up to 200.000 cycles. Additionally, the compact device dimensions make guard replacement during maintenance an absolute breeze, bringing more efficiency to your operations. What is more, the handwheel is completely customizable. You can choose a cap in a selection of colors. On request, customers can even customize the handwheel with their logo and company name to promote their brand identity.

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Ready for Action Now 

The next-generation RPV is the perfect sustainable package for industrial and beverage markets. It brings a whole new level of performance, functionality, and safety to support your business and your end-customer’s applications. It is available today from a Rotarex office near you.   

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Mélissa Cromer
Mélissa Cromer

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