Line valve for acetylene use - HP12
HP12 is a stainless steel multi-turn valve intended and approved for a high pressure acetylene gas installation. The valve can be used in following cases : on high pressure installations, manifolds for filling, discharging and venting HP systems, acetylene supply line, cylinder bundle, acetylene switchover units or as a general shut-off valve. HP12 valve is a seat disk valve equipped or not with a weldable adaptor on the inlet and outlet, and easily removable from pipework.
Key advantages
  • High flow through 12mm orifice
  • Seat disk valve equiped with a weldable adaptor on the inlet and on the outlet, easily removable from pipework
  • No friction between the seat valve and the valve
  • Opening allowing a progresive flow of the gas
  • Acetone and DMF resistant
  • In compliance with the 2010/35/EU directive
  • Has to be protect downstream with a flashback arrestor
Inlet pressure max.25 bar
Flow coefficient2,13
Orifice diameterØ 12 Mm
Leak rate10-3 mbar.l/s
Temperature range-20 to +70 °c
Body materialAISI 304 - Stainless steel
Seat sealPA - Polyamid
Weight1,8 kg
Inlet connectionM33x2
Outlet connectionM33x2
Dimensional drawings
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