Safety device for acetylene use - 50MD

50MD is a safety device used for low pressure acetylene pipes. It can be used in acetylene filling plants on low pipes on the line going back to gasometer.
Key advantages
  • Multi-purpose safety device for medium pressure acetylene pipes
  • Equipped with a temperature sensitive cut off valve, which automatically shuts off the acetylene supply whenever there is a flash back
  • Approved by validation test EN 730
  • In compliance with the PED 2014/68/EU directive

Product image

Gas usedC2H2
Maximum operating pressure1.5 bar
Inlet connectionG2 male in accordance with ISO 228
Outlet connectionG2 male in accordance with ISO 228
Body materialdichromate steel
Total length325 Mm
Weight6.5 kg
Body diameter (maximum)90 Mm
Flow coefficientkv = 1,64
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