Bellows valves for Cryogenics gases and liquids

High-Performance bellows Valves for cryogenic gases and liquids

Cryogenic valves are specially designed for use at extremely low temperatures. These valves are indispensable in industries where gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and argon must be handled at cryogenic temperatures in order to:

  • store and transport gas more efficiently
  • use in industrial refrigeration and food preservation
  • supply energy in large quantities

Rotarex offers a range of bellows valves specially designed for:

  • Withstand extreme temperatures down to -270°C
  • Withstand high pressures up to 240 bar

Each valve requires certain adaptations to deliver optimum performance under specific conditions. Whatever your needs, Rotarex has you covered.


  • 100% Helium leak test performed on all valves
  • Corrosion resistant internal option available
  • Individual serial number for full traceability


  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Cooling
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Nuclear


  • Low to high pressure up to 240 bar
  • From -270°C to + 250°C
  • Manual handwheel or pneumatic actuator

Ultra high purity line valves & pressure regulators

Bellows & check valves

  • Bellows valve
    Low or high pressure
    -40°C to + 120°C (ambient)
  • Bellows valve
    High pressure
    -40°C to + 120°C (ambient)
  • Bellows valve
    Low to high pressure
    -196°C to + 250°C (cryogenic)
  • Bellows valve
    High pressure
    -196 °C to + 250°C (cryogenic)
  • Bellows valve
    High pressure
    -40°C to + 120°C (ambient)
  • Bellows valve
    Low pressure
    -270°C to + 80°C (cryogenic)
  • Check valves
    Low to high pressure
    -196°C to +250°C (cryogenic)
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