Apr 27, 2023

What calibration gases are used for?

Correct data is the crucial point for technical industries where research is conducted. To provide an accurate information, the specialist must be sure that the indications are precise, so the result won’t lead to a mistake in the future. Excellent state of the technical devices is fundamental in this case. To serve as a reliable tool, the equipment should be regularly and professionally calibrated. And gases are significant part of this procedure.
What calibration gases are used for?

What is calibration? 

Calibration is a process of the instruments adjusting to give the result which corresponds to the defined reference system. Due to exposure to environmental factors or other issues the sensors in the equipment can become less sensitive and drift out of calibration. Having a regular and proper calibration can ensure that the tool won’t show false measurements, and alert if the equipment needs reparation or change.  

For calibration special category of the gases are required, they called calibration gases. For the calibration process professionals use mixtures of gases which can contain carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), methane (CH4), oxygen (O2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), ammonia (NH3) etc. 

Gas mixtures must correspond to the quality standards, as for example the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These standards are providing with the references for accuracy and precision.  As well it is important to use a gas considering its expiration date. Applying the incorrect gas can become a reason of the inaccurate results and can be even unsafe. 

During the process of gas calibration, a determined concentration of a gas is represented to the measurement tool. After the tool’s result must be compared to the anticipated response. Thanks to calibration, all the technical errors can be recognized and corrected. 

Calibration Application 

Gas calibration is very demanded in areas where precise measurement is important, to provide quality control and scientific accuracy. That is how gas calibration is widely used in laboratories for different instruments which measure gas concentration or flow rates. 

It can be gas chromatography devices that separate and analyse the components of a gas mixture, mass spectrometers that ionize gas molecules and then their mass-to-charge ratios, gas flow meters to measure the flow rate of gas through a pipeline or process.  

Equipment for calibration 

The quality level of calibration equipment is no less important than the choice of the proper gas mixture. Due to the complexity of the calibration process, several devices need to be used. It is important to mention that they should be compatible and reliable. 

Rotarex is proposing different calibration solutions depend on the demand of the client. For refillable and non-refillable gas cylinders from 0.1 to 2 liters there is a solution contains constant flow cylinder valve D405 and Pressure regulator S70:

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Rotarex has a more standard version with a diaphragm seal lecture bottle valve D250, cylinder connectors and piston constant flow regulator equipped with 10 positions flow selector S75. 

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For gas cylinders from 5 to 80 liters there is a solution with a high-pressure cylinder valve for high purity gases D200, cylinder connectors and pressure regulator DL230. 

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Moreover, Rotarex can always propose something new.   

Pioneering the innovations for more than a century, Rotarex has succeeded in creation of products which tailor the customers’ needs and anticipate them. Following the entrepreneurship vision, we have developed Flowcalsustainable innovation for global market of calibration and specialty gases. 

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Integrated valve with flow selector - D552 Flowcal

Flowcal is a compact VIPR (Stainless steel valve with integrated pressure regulator), a new portable 5-in-1 design refillable with a service pressure up to 200 bar. 

Flow regulator fully integrated in a specially designed protection guard with a super lightweight of 750 grams, making Flowcal easy and ready-to-use solution. A high level of Safety is validated according to ISO-10297:2014 and ISO-22435:2014. Sharp precision of work is provided along with a Variability of specifications: integrated flow selector allows to adjust across a range from 0.1 to 10 liters per minute. 

Flowcal is a universal product fitting all cylinder sizes. There is no need to have additional equipment to deliver gas at the point of use. The final user needs just to open the cylinder valve and select the flow rate. 

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