Integrated valve with flow selector - D552 Flowcal
The D552 from Rotarex Puretec is a Stainless Steel gas valve with integrated pressure regulator and flow selector. The D552 is designed for a wide range of calibration gases, thanks to it's stainless steel body and internal components. The all in one design insure the maximum safety & ease to use during calibration operations.


  • Ensure high-quality of the process thanks
    to a 5-in-1 design: shut off valve + integrated pressure regulator + flow selector+ filling port + gauge
  • Effcient solution for applications requiring additional pressure / flow regulating valve
  • Ergonomic design, all functions integrated for
    more comfortable usability
  • Light weight as an advantage: 750 g without the plastic guard


  • Protection of all the parts guarantees the work in better safe environment especially for mobile applications
  • Low-pressure components of the valve are protected for unintended high pressure
  • Re-closing device of the safety valve closes gas when pressure is below a threshold
  • Gas is tightly isolated during transport or storage thanks to the technology of manual shut-off valve
  • An optional safety relief device is a burst disk in line with a fusible metal. In case of a heat incident like a fire, the safety device empties the cylinder to avoid a burst of the cylinder


  • 7 fixed flow rates available (0,1 – 0,25 – 0,5 – 1,0 – 2,5 – 5,0 – 10,0 Nl/min N2)
  • Correct flow rate is guaranteed by flow selector
  • Stainless steel sintered filter prevents particles to flow to the end user system


Flow rates and tolerances


ConnectionsFilling port: acc. to customer specification
Working pressure200 bar
Flow rateSee the table above
Seat sealMetal/metal (details on request)
Flow coefficient cv0.05
Body materialsStainless Steel AISI 316L
Temperature range-20 to + 65 dc
Downloadable catalogs, brochures
  • Download
    Puretec overview
    Last update: Jan 15, 2024
    Available in: en
  • Download
    Puretec Catalog
    Last update: Jan 15, 2024
    Available in: en
  • Download
    Flowcal D552
    Last update: Jun 07, 2023
    Available in: en
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