Integrated valve with adjustable pressure regulator - DUCAL D551
The Rotarex D551 is the first Stainless Steel gas valve with integrated pressure regulator. The all in one design of the VIPR offers safer and easier calibration operations. The D551 is designed for a wide range of specialty and corrosive gases, used to calibrate analysers.
Key advantages
  • Easy, ready to use all in one system
  • All surfaces in gas contact are oxygen clean and mainly metallic to minimize the gas contamination
  • Very constant flow from 200 to 7 bar in cylinder
  • Materials can also be used with corrosive mixtures
  • Equipped with manometers in stainless steel and downstream safety valve

All-in one design

  • Pre-engineered complete solution to optimize your
    calibrated gas supply
  • Fully protected & integrated solution with ergonomic and aesthetic design
  • Superior productivity and better sealing due to reduction of potential leak points 

Easier and safer 

  • Easy handling and better protection thanks to plastic guard
  • Compact and light weight design ideal for mobile applications key features
  • High outlet flow stability and performance thanks to diaphragm technology
  • Premium material and components ensure quality of gas mixtures to preserve required properties for calibration application 

 Higher productivity 

  • One complete system instead of many individual
  • Save time and be much more effective with
    built-in solution
Connections25E – ISO 11363 ¾’’ NGT CGA-V1
Inlet working pressure200 bar
Outlet working pressure1 to 4 bar
Flow rate1L/min at 3 bars, Max flow rate 10 L/min at 4bars
Temperature range-20 to +60 °c
Seat sealPA-PCTFE
O-ringEPDM or FPM depending of application
Internal componentsStainless Steel
Leak rate1.10-7 M bar l/s
Property levelCleaned for oxygen service
Filling tool connectionTo be defined according to norms and gas types
Dimensional drawings
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