Bubblebox is the worlds most compact water carbonation system
Oct 28, 2015
BubbleBox is an innovative new product from Rotarex Solutions that is poised to become a best-seller in the booming sparkling water market. Using advanced filtering and water carbonation technologies, it turns ordinary tap water into delicious sparkling water on-demand. Easily installed, it is ideal for all refrigerators and water dispensing systems.
Bubblebox is the worlds most compact water carbonation system

With no reservoir, BubbleBox delivers true on demand water carbonation. And without a reservoir, it is ultra-compact – 30% smaller than reservoir technologies. A self-cleaning design makes BubbleBox more hygienic and eliminates the need for maintenance.

A key innovation built into BubbleBox is its booster gear pump. Smaller and quieter than conventional pumps, it permits higher carbonation levels. Plus, it is more hygienic than membrane pumps and is explosion-proof.

In a blind tasting, BubbleBox scored higher than leading sparkling water brands. Its self-adjusting regulator and vortex mixing jet are why, as they ensure the ideal mix of CO2 and water. Automatically adjusting to CO2 flow differences in inlet pressure, it rigorously mixes CO2 and water into solution instantaneously. BubbleBox delivers unlimited continuous flow mixing, producing up to 3 l/min.

With BubbleBox, there is no need to buy sparkling water – saving money and helping the environment by eliminating plastic bottles.

Visit BubbleBox Website.


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