Clip-On cylinder valves

Jan 10, 2018
For government organizations setting national standards for portable LPG and propane gas valves, as well as gas companies looking to best meet market needs, a key decision is whether to select a handwheel or clip-on cylinder valve.
Clip-On cylinder valves

With handwheel valves, consumers must carefully align and then screw the gas regulator connection onto the valve outlet and take special care to ensure full contact is made between threads with every turn. If worn down with use or not applied correctly, leakage can occur, putting the consumer and those around them in danger.

A better option: clip-on gas valves, which are virtually accident proof. Consumers simply push the clip-on propane gas regulator connection onto the valve and flip the connection's switch to "on" when they hear a click. It just doesn't get any easier or safer than that.

And we would know. Clip-on technology was first invented by Schultz Rackow Gasteknik, or SRG, in the 1930s. Today, Rotarex SRG is the world leader in premium quality propane gas cylinder valves and pressure regulators. With a global service footprint and countless millions of valves & regulators in use around the world, governments and private gas companies turn to Rotarex SRG for expert advice on large-scale national conversions and consumer adoption strategies.

To learn more about our clip-on cylinder valve technologies, please contact a Rotarex SRG expert.