Fast fire suppression through indirect high pressure valve technology
Nov 25, 2015
We recognize that faster detection and suppression of a fire is critical. Every second counts. That led us to develop the FireDETEC Indirect High Pressure Valve (IHP) that enables effective protection of objects using cost-effective CO2 gas.
Fast fire suppression through indirect high pressure valve technology

The IHP valve is a differential pressure piston valve that engages immediately when a fire is detected. Compact, automatic FireDETEC systems install closer to where fire starts, directly inside business critical objects such as machinery and equipment. As a result, the system detects and suppresses fire significantly faster than conventional systems.

Rotarex Firetec co-invented pressure differential technology for low pressure (16 bar) clean agent systems. We then used our vast expertise with high pressure valves to solve the challenges posed by 60 bar CO2. This clever engineering with no complex mechanics or electronics means reliable discharge performance at the critical moment.

To learn more about FireDETEC fire suppression systems and IHP technology, please contact a Rotarex Firetec sales representative near you.


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