TD200 Switchover board
Feb 02, 2017
Within the Rotarex gas control equipment range, the TD 200 switch over board makes management of your gas supply systems easier. It is also designed to make your gas equipment installation safer and easier-to-control, with lower costs and improved productivity.
TD200 Switchover board

- DOUBLE DUOBLOC: 4 cylinder connections possible w/o extension - to improve the global system tightness of the process and reduce leakage points.
- RELIEF VALVE: all supply and switch over boards are equipped with a relief valve
- CONNECTED PURGE: Available for relief valve + DUOBOC
- CONTINUOUS SUPPLY: Reliable automatic switching mechanism 

- Ready-to-install system
- Up to 2 x 3 cylinders directly connected
- All components for service are easily accessible.

- A continuous gas supply to the process means less production interruptions or unplanned disruption to change gas cylinders.
- Exceptionally long product usage lifetime.
- Low maintenance requirements.

Innovation image

Innovation image


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