Dec 07, 2020
Rotarex Meditec announces investments to boost its production capacity
Rotarex to invest in its well-established medical range by reorganizing and increasing its production capacity in response to the pandemic.
Rotarex Meditec announces investments to boost its production capacity

Lintgen, Luxembourg 7 December 2020——Rotarex SA is proud to announce it is investing significantly in its medical division in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, the coronavirus pandemic has placed unprecedented demands on the medical technology sector. Rotarex’s products have been right on the front line of the outbreak and are continuing to support the fight against the virus in emergency care (EMS), hospitals and homecare environments. While Rotarex has been able to overcome the challenges of this period, the experience has highlighted areas where processes could be improved to make them even more efficient. For that reason, the Board of Directors has decided to invest heavily in the medical division in Luxembourg to increase the production capacity and manufacture the products that play a vital role during the pandemic.

Oxygen therapy more important than ever

This investment will support the products that proved indispensable to the medical industry during this challenging year, those which administer oxygen, air, and other therapies to COVID-19 patients. Supplemental oxygen remains the first and most important medical treatment against COVID-19. It is delivered directly to the patients’ lungs via a face mask. Rotarex supplies medical VIPR valves with built-in pressure regulators used largely for oxygen cylinders; cylinder pressure regulators with optional quick connect, and low-pressure flowmeters that can be fixed to a regulator quick connect or directly a bed head terminal unit.

Production of these products was ramped up significantly during the first wave of infections to meet the surge in demand. Rotarex’s Sales and R&D teams have been working together on adjustments to make the production process more efficient and get the products where they need to be more quickly.

Rotarex Meditec technology in practice

Rotarex devices deliver crucial support for medical gas applications. Inhaled nitric oxide (NO), for instance, is considered an effective alternative treatment for COVID-19 and lung therapy diseases. This treatment is primarily used to treat “blue baby syndrome”, a condition in which newborns have trouble adapting to breathing on their own. Nitric oxide has also been shown to reverse hypertension, improve sever hypoxia and shorten the time COVID-19 patients spend on ventilatory support by increasing oxygen levels in the blood. In addition to oxygen, air or NO, other gases mixtures are also undergoing clinical trials as potential new treatments for COVID-19.

Rotarex currently offers stainless steel medical cylinder valves combined with a nitric oxide double stage bellow pressure regulator or a single stage high pressure cartridge regulator, which are ideally suited to delivering NO at extremely stable pressures and flow for use in medical treatments and therapies.

Q1 2021 and beyond

Rotarex is in the process of completely reorganizing and optimizing its medical range and plans to open an additional assembly line in Luxembourg in Q1 2021. This will produce a new generation of medical pressure regulators with an all-new, optimized design intended to improve customer experience. It, and the whole medical range, will be fully compliant with the EU new Medical Device Regulation: MDR EU 2017/745. Stay tuned for more updates during the official product launch.

About Rotarex Meditec
Rotarex Meditec provides high quality medical gas control devices for efficient patient therapies. It offers one of the industry’s most complete ranges of medical gas distribution equipment and is the world’s reference for medical cylinder valves. Present in over 65 countries with factories and sales offices in key locations around the world, Rotarex Meditec customers receive the products and services they need wherever they are.

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Mélissa Cromer
Mélissa Cromer

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