High Pressure manual line valve for UHP gases – D639S
High Flow Line Valve - tied diaphragm double seal
Key advantages
  • Combined soft and metal seat design with low permeation rate.
  • Welded diaphragms provide a high leak tightness integrity
  • Tied diaphragm design which minimizes gas wetted volume to allow easy purging.
  • No moving components in the gas wetted area to not generate particles.
  • Secondary sealing to prevent the gas coming in contact with actuator in the case of diaphragm failure.
  • Threaded weep hole for leak test and pipe away connection (M4 thread), allows the connection to a leak detector.
  • Front and back panel valve fixation
ConnectionsAccording (inter-)national standards, customer’s specifications
Working pressure200 bar
Nominal flow rateCV = 0.5
Temperature range-40 to +65 °c
Body materialsSS AISI 316L (standard)
Leak rate1.10-8 m bar L/s
Seat orifice size6 Mm
Marking3 stars, valve number, manufacturing date, Nominal pressure and flow direction, π0029 (if according to TPED)
Dimensional drawings
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