ALPINOX Medical Pressure Regulators Make It Easier To Deliver Precise Therapy With Confidence
May 14, 2018
ALPINOX pressure regulators are used to deliver oxygen therapy in ambulances, at-home, and in hospitals.

Unlike traditional medical regulators that can feel awkward and intimidating to operate, ALPINOX features an easy-to-use flow selector knob that makes it simple for even untrained caregivers to correctly set oxygen flow. 

It's soft, curved geometry is warm and friendly to the touch, with a more ergonomic, simple-to-use design—which can be especially important for in-home therapy situations. Plus, its prominent flow selector dial makes it much easier for caregivers to set the prescribed flow, giving them confidence in administering oxygen therapy to patients. Even emergency first-responders have expressed appreciation for ALPINOX's reliable performance and intuitive flow setting.

  • Award-winning design takes the guesswork out of oxygen flow adjustment
  • Features a user-friendly design that makes it easier to set prescribed oxygen flow
  • Increases durability and is 30% lighter than its older version, so it's easier to carry and handle
  • Offers outstanding quality, with a maintenance-free lifetime of 10+ years

To learn more about ALPINOX, be sure to download our FREE brochure, here


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