Diaphragm single stage supply board with balanced valve - MOD
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MOD is a supply board to use in combination with a switchover board for the regulation of the emergency source during maintenance on the principal source. This avoids installing extensions and reduces the amount of leaking points. It is particularly suitable for the high flow supply of industrial gases, except toxic and corrosive gases.
Key advantages
  • Outstanding pressure consistency with Balanced Valve Technology
  • Ready to install for better productivity: all components are pre-mounted on the mounting panel
  • Non-whipping filter improves safety of the operator during the cylinder replacement
  • Can be equipped with an outlet ¼ turn shut-off valve (Multi-turn valve with 30 bar or 50 bar version for oxygen use)
  • Can be connected to an alarm box using contact gauges
  • Acetylene and propane versions available on demand


Product image

Product image

Female portsIn: G 3/8 - Out: G 1/2 In: 3/8 NPT - Out: G 1
Seat sealPCTFE
O-ringEPDM - Standard FPM
Diaphragm (regulator)AISI 304 or Hastelloy®
Weight± 6,0 kg
Leak ratew/outlet valve: 1.10-4 mbar ℓ/s He w/o outlet valve: 1.10-8 mbar ℓ/s He
Temperature range-20 to +60 °c
GaugesHigh and low pressure (M10 x 1 or G 1/4)
Inlet pressure200 bar / 300 bar, AD and PR4: 25 bar
Outlet Pressure10/16/30/50 bar, AD: 1 bar, PR4: 4 bar
Nominal flow 200 bar version70/110/150/180 Nm3 /h (N2)
Nominal flow 300 bar version50/70/100/130 Nm3 /h (N2)
Nominal flow ad and pr4AD: 6,5 Nm3 /h PR4: 10 Nm3 /h
Oxygen useOK with inlet pressure 200 and 300 bar
Dimensional drawings
Product Configurator
Inlet pressure
Body material
End connections
O-ring material
Fix or adjustable outlet pressure
Outlet valve
200 bar 2900 psig
300 bar 4350 psig
10 bar 145 psig
16 bar 232 psig
30 bar 435 psig
30 bar 435 psig oxygen use
50 bar 725 psig
50 bar 725 psig oxygen use
Acetylene special version (P2 = 1 bar)
Propane special version (P2 = 4 bar)
Raw brass
Chrome plated brass
In: G 3/8 Out: G 1/2 Female
In: 3/8 NPT Out: G 1/2 Female
EPDM - standard
With gauges - standard
With HP inductive contact gauge
With fixed P2 (standard)
With adjustable P2 (handwheel)
With outlet shut-off valve
Standard configuration
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    Supply and Switchover Boards
    Last update: Mar 17, 2021
    Available in: en/cn/de/fr
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