Drum valve, 2-pieces sturdy stem packed type design for corrosive and toxic gases – D154S

High pressure bulk valve - 2-piece Stem design - spring loaded gland packing - soft seat
Key advantages
  • 2-piece sturdy stem design in order to reduce particle generation.
  • Non rotating lower spindle for increasing tightness during life time.
  • No particle shedding threading in gas wetted areas.
  • Self-adjusting compression of V-packings using disc springs, allowing a service temperature range from -40° to +65°C.
  • Locking nut having left-hand thread that secures the valve mechanism, even if excessive torques are applied.
  • O-rings fitted behind V-packings guarantee a secondary sealing, and they avoid the risk of humidity coming in contact with the gas wetted areas.
  • Soft seat induces low operating torque.
  • Soft seat is fixed with a special screw and its design improves the valve’s robustness against over torques.
ConnectionsAccording (inter-)national standards and customer’s specifications
Working pressure200 bar
Nominal flow rate1 – D154S / TDB – D154S-KEY
Temperature range-20 to +65 °c
Body materialsStainless steel 1.4435 (AISI 316L)
Leak rate<1.10-5 m bar L/s
Seat orifice size6 Mm
Handwheel typeManual or Key operated
Markingπ 0029 (according to TPED), manufacturing date, 3 stars, valve part number, valve inlet, valve outlet
Dimensional drawings
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