High pressure cylinder and bundle valve with pneumatic actuator for corrosive gases - D131

Pneumatic cylinder Valve with Packed Needle Stem Design for High Purity Gas Applications
Key advantages
  • Freedom from seizure when used with corrosive gases- gas does not come into contact with the valve operating mechanism.
  • Positive and effective operation-valve spindle is mechanically linked to the operating hand wheel, which only requires low closing torque.
  • Long life-valve, all internal parts are replaceable
  • Adjustable gland packing-in the unlikely event of a leakage occurring past the valve spindle, when opening the valve, rectification is readily achieved by retightening the gland packing nut.
  • Low internal volume-this is particularly beneficial, when using the valve for hygroscopic, corrosive or high purity gases, where inert gas purging may be necessary before opening after closing the valve.
ConnectionsAccording (inter-)national standards and customer’s specifications
Working pressure200 bar
Nominal flow rateCV = 0.25
Temperature range-20 to +65 °c
Body materialsStainless steels 1.4305 (AISI 303) and 1.4435 (AISI 316L), AlSiBz and brass
Leak rate<1.10-5 m bar L/s
Seat orifice size2.8 Mm
Markingπ 0029(according to TPED), manufacturing date, 3 stars, valve number
Dimensional drawings
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