Jul 05, 2021
Which bellows valve is right for which application?
Bellows valves are found wherever zero leakage, high-flow, durability, and easy maintenance is a must.

From the supply of electronic gases needed for the semiconductors manufacturing, through the cryogenics applications such as liquefiers or VIPs (Vacuum Insulated Transfer Lines), to the processing circuits in the nuclear fuel cycle, each valve needs certain adaptations to provide optimal performance under specific conditions. Rotarex draws on more than 50 years of experience in making premium bellows valves that guarantee excellent tightness with high flows; and offers a wide range of products manufactured to the highest standards in France. Here’s a guide to help find the right valve for your application:


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Despite their miniscule size, the significance of semiconductors is enormous. As well as being vital components in everyday modern technology such as smartphones, computers and, increasingly, electric vehicles, they are enabling the innovative and booming Internet of Things.

Numerous gases are used in the production of semiconductors. Rotarex high-pressure bellows valves, like the HP2000, are the perfect match for ISO trailers transporting bulk ESGs (Electronic Specialty Gases), so as for filling panels. Low pressure bellows valves, as K300 or K900, are ideal candidates for the bulk gas supply of the production site itself.

For oxidizing and or corrosive gases, design and materials (Monel® or Hastelloy®) can be adapted to fit specific requirements. In addition to offering excellent tightness, the bellows valves are designed for high-purity to ultra-high purity gases and are extremely easy to maintain.


Far more than ice cold, cryogenics deal with temperatures below ‑120°C – cold enough to liquify gases such as hydrogen (LH2) which is currently in the center of the gas industry interest. Indeed, hydrogen fuel cells are nowadays a promising technology for use as a source of heat and electricity for buildings, and as an electrical power source for electric motors propelling vehicles. Cryogenics also play a key role in preserving food, cryosurgery and superconducting electromagnets for particle accelerators.

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Rotarex offers 3 valve series of bellows valves to respond to the various cryogenic applications. First, the SUPRA series can be used for liquid Helium applications with temperatures close to zero Kelvin, namely -270°C. Secondly, the HP9000 series stands for cryogenic high pressure requirements such as gas purifiers. Finally, the K900 series is meant for low pressure and high flow applications (up to four inches) such as the bulk supply of liquefied gases. The valves are built to operate in environments from ‑270°C to +250°C and are perfectly suited to common cryogenic gases such as He, H2, O2, N2, Ar, and Kr.


Rotarex has been supplying customized bellows-sealed, low-retention valves and check valves to the nuclear industry for over 50 years. Safety always comes first in nuclear applications. The industry works with highly hazardous materials such as UF4, UF6, a highly depleted gas for detritiation units, as well as radioactive hydrogen isotopes to manufacture and process fuel for nuclear reactors and other applications.

Blog imageRadioactive materials are also used for research and development purposes, for example in the controlled environment of a glove box or in the creation of experimental reactors. As radiation leakage must be avoided, bellows valves are the ultimate choice since they benefit from the lowest certified helium leakage rates on the valve market. In these environments, bellows valves must cope with high pressures up to 400 bar and high temperatures. They are compatible with gases used in the nuclear industry, including, among others, Deuterium (D2) and Tritium (H3).

And many more…

These only scratch the surface of the applications of bellows valves. They are also found in research centers and laboratories, have military and aerospace applications. Whatever your need, Rotarex has you covered.

If your ideal solution doesn’t exist within our catalog product range, our R&D experts would be happy to create custom solutions that fit your application perfectly... This is our specialty!


Mélissa Cromer
Mélissa Cromer
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