Feb 13, 2018
New Rotarex Meditec Flow Meter Delivers 10-Year Lifetime without Maintenance
Lintgen, Luxembourg 13 February, 2018 – www.rotarex.com Rotarex Meditec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, today released a next generation flow meter that is designed to last 10+ years with no preventative maintenance.
New Rotarex Meditec Flow Meter Delivers 10-Year Lifetime without Maintenance

Called ALPIFLOW, it attaches directly to the Rotarex Meditec ALPICONNECT or ALPINOX and MINIOX in order to regulate oxygen flow from hospital pipeline system and portable oxygen cylinders.

Built to withstand 10,000 endurance cycles, ALPIFLOW has a service lifetime of 10+ years. In addition, the use of premium materials and precise quality control ensure that ALPIFLOW can perform to specifications during long exposure to a pure oxygen environment. 

Adrien Zoda, Rotarex Meditec Product Manager, described how ALPIFLOW's innovative design increases performance: "ALPIFLOW uses advanced balanced technology to guarantee flow measurement accuracy. At the same time, it's easier for caregivers to monitor oxygen flow thanks an expanded reading scale. And, they can see flow indications from many different directions."

ALPIFLOW integrates seamlessly into healthcare facilities. It is equipped with an aesthetic protection shell and has smooth external surfaces to make cleaning easier. An ergonomic flow knob makes it easy for caregivers to use. As well, external laser marking includes regulatory marking requirements, traceability indicators and a QR code for easy access to the instruction manual.

Mr. Zoda concluded: "Through years of experience, Rotarex Meditec understands the unique requirements of medical oxygen therapy in hospitals. That's why ALPIFLOW is built with low magnetic components to be MRI compatible. Plus, its special scale cover assembly has no mechanical constraints that could create cracks. It's also impossible to dismantle and access the reading scale."

Rotarex Meditec offers a comprehensive line-up of medical gas control equipment and systems. Visit the company website for detailed product information.

About Rotarex Meditec
Rotarex Meditec provides medical gas safety, control and productivity for confident patient outcomes. It offers one of the industry’s most complete ranges of medical gas control equipment and is the world’s reference for medical cylinder valves. Experience, dedication to quality and technical excellence enable gas companies and hospital gas system installers to be confident that their projects will achieve the highest level of safety and performance. Present in over 65 countries with factories and sales offices in key locations around the world, Rotarex Meditec customers receive the products and services they need wherever they are.

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