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Rotarex has been improving gas safety and productivity through innovation for nearly 100 years. Many innovative products we’ve developed were revolutionary when we introduced them, and since have become industry standards that are in use worldwide.

    Quick-Fill Technologies for Automobile & Forklift Applications
  • Alpi-Reg Medical Pressure Regulators
    Single- and Double Line Medical Pressure Regulator for Medical Gas Supply Systems
  • Linestar Compact Point-Of-Use Regulators For Laboratories
    One of the Most Compact, Ergonomic Point-of-Uses in the Industry:
    Fits Any Lab Configuration While Improving Safety & Ergonomics
  • Clip-On Cylinder Valves
    World-Class Engineering Backed by Industry-Leading Support & Service You Won't Get Anywhere Else
  • VD Series Diaphragm Line Valves
    Multiple Configuration Options, Specialty Gas Compatible and Ergonomic
  • Protect Passengers and Prevent Major Fire Damage to Vehicles
    With the Innovative FireDETEC Compact Line Automatic Fire Suppression System
  • Our ATEX Certified Valves Help Make Explosive Atmospheres Safer
    ATEX Certified Solenoid Valves are Ultra-Durable for Use in Harsh Environments
  • Rotarex Cartridge Regulators
    Achieve Best Performance with Lower Cost. Rotarex high pressure gas regulators leverage next-generation cartridge technology to achieve best performance at a lower cost. Innovative cartridge design optimizes pressure regulator mechanics to deliver outstanding outlet pressure stability with a wider range of outlet flow. Providing better purity and safety, Rotarex cartridge regulators employ Hastelloy® diaphragm material to ensure compatibility.
  • M706+ VIPR Features Modern Ergonomic Design & Intelligent Data Management
    Greatly Improving the Safety of Oxygen Therapy
  • Rotarex Firetec offers information about the DIMES digital measurement system that monitors fire protection system cylinder contents 24/7/365.
    The DIMES Digital Measurement System for Inert Gas
    Rotarex Firetec has achieved a breakthrough innovation called DIMES that ensures the readiness of an inert gas system with 99.9% accuracy — and sends a notification in case of a leak. For inert gas to effectively suppress a fire, the correct amount of gas needs to be released to displace the oxygen level below 15%. Should a leak occur, the system can fail. However, traditional methods that rely on cylinder pressure to calculate cylinder contents can give
  • LIFE-S Compact Medical Gas Valve Delivers Optimum Performance
    The LIFE-S medical integrated valve for oxygen and other medical gases is designed for situations that require high performance from a lightweight, compact device. Building on the Rotarex Group’s deep experience as a pioneer in integrated valve technology, Rotarex Meditec developed the LIFE-S for hospital and homecare applications.
  • Rotarex Firetec offers UL listed fire protection system components and an inert gas system.
    Components for Assembling a Complete UL Listed Inert Gas Fire Protection System
    Rotarex Firetec now provides a set of compatible components that, when assembled according to tested limits, UL 2127 standards and specifications outlined in NFPA 2001, form a complete UL listed inert gas fire suppression system. We have invested in UL listing so our customers no longer have to bear the burden and can remain focused on what they do best – system engineering, design and installation. As well, when new components are developed, we update the UL listing.
  • The FireDETEC automatic fire detectin and fire suppression system for commercial kitchens is important fire protection to keep a restaurant up and running in the event of a fire.
    Economical Fire Protection for Small to Mid-Sized Commercial Kitchens
    FireDETEC Provides Fire Detection & Fire Suppression for 2 Zone Cooking Areas + Hood. FireDETEC is a complete, pre-engineered commercial kitchen fire suppression and fire detection system. Practical and economical, it is best suited for small to mid-sized kitchens with 2 zone cooking areas. A traditional commercial kitchen fire system can create a significant challenge for smaller businesses, as it is expensive and requires a lot of maintenance.
    We recognize that faster detection and suppression of a fire is critical. Every second counts. That led us to develop the FireDETEC Indirect High Pressure Valve (IHP) that enables effective protection of objects using cost-effective CO2 gas.The IHP valve is a differential pressure piston valve that engages immediately when a fire is detected. Compact, automatic FireDETEC systems install closer to where fire starts, directly inside business critical objects such as machinery and equipment.
  • Rotarex Firetec advanced fire protection system pressure regulator technology ensures fire suppression system effectiveness.
    The better a fire suppression system performs, the better fire protection you’ll achieve. This drives Rotarex Firetec to work tirelessly to develop innovative technologies that improve performance. By applying proven pressure regulation technology from our laboratory division, we developed pressure regulators for 200bar/300bar inert gas applications that modulate the discharge pressure to a constant 40 to 60 bar. At the same time, our new technologies save time and money” to “These innovative technologies save time and money.
  • Users can find information about the DIMES fire cylinder contents measurement system that ensures fire suppression system readiness 24/7/365.
    The best fire protection systems are only effective if the fire suppression cylinders are properly charged. This requires regular maintenance to verify cylinder content and pressure. If a leak occurs in between a regular maintenance cycle, the system discharge could malfunction and compromise fire suppression effectiveness.
  • The FireDETEC automatic fire suppression system for bus engines has an innovative 12 liter cylinder.
    Space Efficient 12 Liter Cylinder Protects Large Vehicle Engines
    The FireDETEC fire protection system is proven effective in quickly detecting and suppressing fires in commercial vehicles. Previously, to protect large vehicle engines, 2 cylinders were needed to provide coverage. Now, with the development of a new 12-liter cylinder, FireDETEC makes it easy for manufacturers and vehicle operators to protect engines of all sizes. For small and mid-sized engines, the FireDETEC 7 liter cylinder delivers optimal coverage, while the 12 liter cylinder is designed for large engines.
    As a result of its close collaboration with automobile manufacturers that are developing hydrogen cars, Rotarex set to work to solve the challenge of producing a 700+ bar valve. This ultra-high-pressure valve needed to be extremely strong and durable while, at the same time, being compact, multi-functional and made of lightweight material.
    The DIMES Digital Measurement System from Rotarex Firetec monitors fire suppression cylinder contents 24/7/365. Fire protection systems can fail or perform inadequately if cylinder pressure is low due to a leak or system discharge. System maintenance programs are intermittent and often rely on techniques that are not overlay accurate, such as using pressure gauges or weighing the cylinders to determine fill levels.
    BubbleBox is an innovative new product from Rotarex Solutions that is poised to become a best-seller in the booming sparkling water market. Using advanced filtering and water carbonation technologies, it turns ordinary tap water into delicious sparkling water on-demand. Easily installed, it is ideal for all refrigerators and water dispensing systems.
  • MLD Increases Forklift Productivity
    An industry first innovation from Rotarex SRG is the first working gas level detector for LPG forklifts. This minimum LPG gas level detector system, called MLD, essentially eliminates LPG gas waste, reduces forklift downtime and maintenance costs, and – most importantly – improves forklift truck safety.
    Greatly Improving the Safety of Oxygen Therapy. Life+ is a new medical VIPR (Valve Integrated Pressure Regulator) with an “all-in-one” integrated design. Designed with safety guards that protect each component, it includes a shut off valve, pressure regulator, flow selector, RPV, outlet hose barb and filling port.

Rotarex Corporate Video

Rotarex Corporate Video

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Rotarex SRG

Rotarex SRG

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