Single-stage diaphragm pressure regulator for HP & UHP gases - RX4000
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RX4000 is a single stage diaphragm pressure regulator for HP & UHP applications. The first of its kind threadless and springless pressure regulator for the highest level of purity.
Key advantages
  • Unique threadless design in all versions for a higher purity level
  • Spring less design for tied diaphragm version
  • Sub-atmospheric option available
  • Optimized supply pressure effect and excellent flow stability
  • Life duration according to CGA E4
  • Vacuum to 240 bar (3500 psi) inlet
  • Assembling, testing & packaging in cleanroom: Class ISO 4
  • Individual serial number for full traceability
  • Electropolished surface roughness per SEMI F19 UHP Grade
  • 316L VAR® stainless steel double melt per SEMI F20 option available


  Parts Material
Wetted parts Body SS 316L, VAR
Seat PCTFE (PVDF, VESPEL® optional)
Diaphragm SS 316L (Hastelloy® optional)
Poppet SS 316L (Hastelloy® optional)
Spring SS 316L (Hastelloy® optional)
Spring Holder SS 316L
Non-wetted parts Bonnet SS 303
Handwheel PA 6.6
Others Stainless Steel and Brass


Ra 0.4 μm (15 μin) Ra 0.25 μm EP (10 μin) Ra 0.13 μm EP (5 μin)  


Max. inlet pressureRX4400-RX4300: 240 bar (3500 psig) / RX4100: 160 bar (2320 psig) / RX4000-RX42000: 117 bar (2000 psig) / HF: 50 bar (730 psig)
Outlet Pressure100 mbara/ 2/4/7/10 bar (29/58/102/150 psig)
Temperature range-20°C to +65°C (-4°F to +149°F)
Flow capacity (cv)RX4400-RX4300: Standard: 0.15 / HF: 0.2 / RX4100: Standard: 0.45 / RX4000-RX4200: Standard: 0.9 / HF: 1.1
Poppet typeRX4000-RX4400 : Free poppet / RX4100-RX4200-RX4300: Tied diaphragm
Burst pressure300% of operating pressure
Proof pressure150% of operating pressure
Supply pressure effect iRX4400-RX4300: Standard: 0.25 / HF: 0.5 / RX4100: Standard: 1.4 / RX4000-RX4200: Standard: 3 / HF: 4
Certified max. helium outboard leak rate≤ 1 x 10-9 mbar.l/s
Certified max. helium across the seat leak rate (at max. pressure)≤ 1 x 10-8 mbar.l/s
Certified max. helium inboard leak rate (at max. pressure)≤ 1 x 10-9 mbar.l/s
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    RX4000 UHP Pressure Regulator
    Last update: Jan 26, 2023
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